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Moving freight is your strength. Our learning courses will help you set the baseline for training new employees and developing current employees so you can focus on growing your business. Worry less about time-consuming training development and focus more on what makes your business move.

Be Intentional

You’ve made tough decisions to build your team, and it is comprised of the high performers you believe in. Level-up your employees to enable them to reach their potential. Your talent wants to get better. You cannot afford to let career development take a back seat.


Times are tough right now with COVID-19 and we want to help. That’s why we’re offering a free class to help you address one of the biggest challenges we’re seeing in the field: Employee Motivation.

Tailor-made for Logistics Professionals

Course content is relevant to your work, and tied-back to the challenges of the logistics industry.

Developed by Industry Leaders

Our content developers and instructors are actively engaged with leaders at the forefront of our dynamic industry.

Central User Management

Monitor the progress of your team as they independently complete trainings.

On-Demand and Mobile Friendly

Access course content on your schedule and on the go.

Our Customers

Courses Include:

  • Motivation: Keeping your employees motivated is crucial during this time, but there is no cookie cutter motivation for each employee. In this course employees will learn individually what keeps them motivated, and how to get that motivation out of their work environment.
  • Communication (coming soon!): This course introduces best practices for clear, consistent and effective communication inside and outside of your organization.
  • Conflict Resolution (coming soon!): Learn how to approach conflict with confidence and gain the skills to meet your goals, maintain relationships and turn conflict into opportunity.
  • Sales Process: Lead Generation (coming soon!): Selling business during these times is difficult, but has never been more important for the growth of your business. This course gives your employees the tools to drive impactful lead generation to drive sales.

Your Instructors

Kyle Mlakar

Kyle has spent 13 years in transportation, and the last 6 years centered on 'people.' The former freight broker and Director of HR's motivation is to place employees in the best position to succeed.

Kyle Mlakar

Logistics, Soft Skills Development
Maggie Norman

Maggie is our Director of People and functions as a one woman HR department supporting our teams training, development, performance and engagement.

Maggie Norman

Organizational Leadership
Carrier Direct Headshots-3466 – Copy

Ryan knows freight. He has built his career starting and building up brokerages, transportation tech startups, and logistics consulting businesses. He's here to share his best, most effective learning experience with your team.

Ryan Schreiber

Logistics, Sales