Strategy and technology designed to maximize efficiency, reduce cost and make your business stand out

You haven’t met a team like us

Impactful organizational change or scalable enterprise applications? With CarrierDirect, you get both.
Because we are expert consultants and independent custom software developers, we can deliver the precise framework your business requires to streamline freight operations and differentiate from the competition.


Accelerate growth. Enhance freight visibility. Improve customer experience. Capitalize on excess capacity. Whatever your goals, our consultants will help you achieve them.

Our deep expertise results from decades of combined transportation experience. We help companies in freight identify how to operate more efficiently, decrease spend, improve profit margin and focus on what matters: growing their business.

We know the right questions to ask because all we do is transportation. We will align your technology strategy with your business and revenue objectives, evaluate and model potential revenue streams, ensure your process informs your technology and even help you evaluate technology vendors.

  • Buy vs. build analysis
  • Vendor assessment
  • Change management
  • Organizational structure
  • Roles and responsibility alignment
  • Staffing and training
  • Compensation modeling
  • Business modeling and ROI
  • Competitive landscape assessment


Off-the-shelf technology doesn’t always cut it. Improving data, visibility, utilization and collaboration requires technology that fits your specific needs.

We build micro-service environments, which are the backbone of software applications used in transportation every day, and scale them to develop everything from full-scale transportation management systems to complete freight brokerage platforms.

We work in concert with your teams, capturing workflows, determining ownership and identifying critical integration requirements to reduce future roadblocks.

We know your business plan needed to go to market yesterday. So our Chicago-based product teams practice scrum agile methodologies—an iterative, rapid prototype approach—to get the best version of your plan to market fast. Then we work with you to validate your plan, gather feedback and define your feature set.

  • Custom, full-scale transportation management systems (TMS)
  • Custom API integrations
  • Brokerage platform
  • Custom apps
  • Custom integration of third-party tools

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